Included materials and additional equipment

DSA BreathPass™ Accessories

DSA BreathPass™ delivery package includes (materials provided):

  • DSA BreathPass™ device
  • Demo mouthpiece for device setup
  • Demo air filter for device setup
  • DC charger
  • Additional AC plug for charger (if supplied DC plug is 2.1 mm)
  • Additional DC plug adapters (only supplied outside of Europe) 
  • Instructions For Use (“User manual” document)
Mouthpiece (Ø 30mm, male connector, with one-way valve)
air filter
Air Filter (Ø 22mm, male connector)
DC charger: DC 1.5A 12v (Ø 5.5mm x 2.5mm)

Additional equipment required for the COVID-19 testing

(not provided in DSA BreathPass™ delivery package

  1. Smartphone or Tablet

    The mobile phone or tablet with Bluetooth and WLAN capability to download the DSA BreathPass™ app. Minimum platform software versions supported are Android™ 8.0 and iOS 13.1.

  2. DSA BreathPass™ mobile application 

    See instructions for downloading mobile application later in this document.

  3. Protective equipment

    Make sure you have all the appropriate protective equipment e.g., mask and rubber gloves to avoid possible contamination.

  4. Cleaner

    Use only Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO) based disinfecting wipes to clean the exterior surfaces of the device.

Important: DO NOT USE CLEANERS CONTAINING ALCOHOLS SUCH AS ETHANOL OR ISOPROPANOL ON THE DEVICE OR IN PROXIMITY OF THE DEVICE DURING OR PRIOR THE TESTING. Device is sensitive to strong odors such as ethanol or isopropanol-based cleaners. The use of alcohol-based cleaners on the device can lead to an incorrect test result.

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