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DSA is a Finnish health care technology company, whose novel BreathPass™ analyzing device and COVID-19 test revolutionize COVID-19 screening with a low-cost, non-invasive, and highly accurate COVID test. DSA BreathPass™ COVID-19 test sets a new standard for efficient screening with industry-leading “real-time” test results.

DSA is an innovative, growth-oriented, and globally minded company.  We are passionate about creating an intelligent, AI-powered technology that can scale to address the world’s growing demand for real-time screening.  We are driven to provide a disruptive COVID screening solution that helps individuals, families, and communities return to normal at work, school, and play.

We are constantly looking to improve our team with quality individuals to make the entity stronger. We are also looking for business partners for the fast deployment of the potentially life-saving solutions.

If you interested in distribution and re-sales, we would like to hear from you. And if you think you have an opportunity for a clinical patient testing or algorithm teaching, we would be happy to see how it could be facilitated.

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