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We need a manufacturer for the HEPA filter unit of our coronavirus breathalyzer.

We are preparing to mass produce our coronavirus breathalyzer. The HEPA filter unit is a plug in component that fits the exhaust end of the DSA Analyzer. Its function is to filter the breath gas flowing through the analyzer during a test. The HEPA filter removes nanoparticulate contaminants from the breath gas. The filter unit needs to be replaced frequently while the analyzer is in use. We are now looking for a company with the know how to help us with the exact design and mass production of the entire unit as swiftly as possible.

The HEPA filter unit needs to fit the round connection at the bottom of the DSA Analyzer. Diameter of the connection is 22 mm.

Main criteria for the design is:

  • Easy plug in and removal into the connection, diameter 22 mm, depth ~5 mm
  • A slim design that fits the shape and coloring of the DSA Analyzer
  • Materials should be as environmentally friendly as possible
  • The product and materials must become certified by medical device standards
  • We welcome innovative design and material suggestions

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Let’s make the world a little bit safer with faster, easier and more affordable COVID-19 testing.


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