Solutions for COVID-19

Groundbreaking testing technology for COVID-19

DSA has an extremely simple goal. We want to provide a solution for mass testing for COVID-19. The testing and providing results can be done in 2 minutes – no current solution can do this.

Prior to the vaccine saving the day, the only key to avoid future lockdowns is to be able to perform rapid screenings for large crowds. Imagine testing everyone living in New York City over a period no longer than 1 or 2 weeks. Fast, easy and affordable testing might just be the best available weapon to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the analysis algorithm is a cloud-based software, the scalability is limitless. The capacity is simply set by the number of analyzers, each able to process 30 test cases per hour. With a sufficient amount of DSA Analyzers we could for example test all of the 5,5 million citizens of our home country, Finland, in just 10 days. Or in 5 days.

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Testing and providing
results in 2 minutes

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Capacity per Analyzer –
30 patients per hour

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Extremely affordable
cost per test

For the future

DSA will continue to investigate opportunities to widen the analysis of exhaled breath as an indicator for severe diseases. With our state-of-the-art Analyzer we feel it is possible to come up with solutions for the early indication of developing lung cancer, colon cancers, pneumonia to name a few. We actively look at research and development partners who would like to participate in the future of medical science. Let us know what would be your angle of interest.


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