VOC Breathprint can be the next holy grail of medical science

Our technology is based on the analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). These are biomarkers created by human metabolism while under sickness. Understanding the relation of various VOC gases with their associated sicknesses creates an opportunity to recognize sickness from the exhaled breathprint of VOC gases.

Recognizing the biomarkers

DSA has developed an Analyzer that is based on a unique combination of nanosensors that are guided to recognize and measure several selected biomarkers. As different sicknesses relate to different sets of VOC biomarkers, we have the ability to re-regulate our set of nanosensors based on which sickness profile is under review. The same set of nanosensors used for COVID-19 recognition can be used for example for the detection of pneumonia or multiple types of cancer.

Identifying the medical condition

Our algorithm construction is like training a canine to detect narcotics, explosives or other unwanted substances. But our “nose” can be reproduced in industrial quantities and can be trained much faster. The algorithm is built by machine learning and Artificial Intelligence software. The teaching part is the creation of the multidimensional profile of the targeted sickness by teaching the algorithm with breathprints of verified infected patients. The analysis part includes matching of the patient breath samples against the known profile for the identification of the sickness.

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